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Peter Shannon

Special Counsel

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Peter is a Special Counsel with Shine Lawyers Dalby Branch, heading up the firm's Resources and Energy Landholder Law practice. He joined Shine Lawyers as a result of the merger with his practice Shannon Donaldson in 2013.

Having been a solicitor for over 36 years, he says he has never seen an area of law that warrants a more thorough representation of the landholder. Without that representation the landholder faces a highly imbalanced process. Some Energy companies may state that they have a ‘standard’ agreement for the landholder to sign, with many landholders just accepting an offer from the company without seeking legal advice to find out more about their entitlements.

Peter is very proud to be a part of an organisation that vigorously represents the disempowered and fights against large corporations and government on behalf of landholders within the Energy Law sector. He is passionate about standing up for the rights of everyday Australians and empowering his clients, giving his all to achieve the best outcome for them.

With his extensive experience across diverse areas of law including litigation, property, family, crime, commercial and wills and estates, Peter also practices and assists in broader areas of practice as needed.

To find out more about Peter or your rights as a landholder, get in touch with the Dalby office.

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