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Peter Moore

Legal Practice Manager

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Peter Moore is a highly experienced compensation lawyer and Legal Practice Manager of Shine Lawyers Central Coast. Peter ran his own firm on the Central Coast for more than 38 years and is such a passionate advocate for injured people having excellent legal representation, rather than retire, he joined Shine to continue working to right wrong for his local community. Peter has spent the best part of his career focused on Motor Vehicle Accidents, Workers Compensation and Public Liability claims, as well as Total & Permanent Disability claims through Superannuation. His breadth of knowledge extends to Employment Law, Commercial matters, Wills and Estates, Family Law and Conveyancing.

Throughout his career, Peter has always had an overriding interest in the law, which allows him to pursue his passion for helping people fight for justice. He prides himself on treating clients at their most vulnerable with the honesty, respect and kindness they deserve. Peter also has the benefit of experience as a client in the legal process, following a family member’s involvement in a motor vehicle accident, as well as pursuing a successful medical negligence claim himself. He is keenly aware of how daunting the legal system can be, and is committed to ensuring clients feel at ease by keeping them updated throughout their claim, that they understand and feel comfortable at every stage of the process.

Peter is the Legal Practice Manager in the Gosford office and is proud to serve the Central Coast community. In addition to his work with Shine Lawyers, Peter is actively involved in the Rotary Club of Gosford North and volunteers his time to The Red Cross and the Central Coast Community Legal Centre.

Everyone is entitled justice and I will go out of my way to help them achieve that.

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