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Patrick Kelly

Legal Practice Manager, Special Counsel

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Patrick Kelly is an experienced personal injury lawyer and Legal Practice Manager leading our Shine Lawyers' Toowoomba branch.

With over a decade of experience, Patrick has helped hundreds of Australians access the justice and compensation they rightfully deserve. He is an expert in motor vehicle, workers compensation and public liability claims, and has passionately advocated for clients who have suffered historical abuse.

Prior to his work in law, Patrick worked in health and safety consulting so has a keen knowledge of what’s expected of employers and organisations more generally.

Patrick is driven to achieve the best outcome for his clients and make a difference in their lives, knowing the impact success will have for them.

“The sum of all the little victories for clients means as much to me as the big wins. It’s extremely satisfying to help those in need.”

Born and bred in the Darling Downs, Patrick is dedicated to the region and has been a solid part of the local legal community for many years. Although he’s worked on cases in the national sphere, he most enjoys working at the local level and making a difference in the community he and his family call home. He leads a committed team of legal professionals who are passionate about helping people to understand the law and always strive to go that extra mile for all their clients.

To find out more about Patrick Kelly and his team, contact us today.

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