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Proactive and determined, Nytia strives to make a difference for her clients by thinking outside the box to combine the rigour of the law with practical and cost-effective legal solutions. She enjoys the complexity of the law, particularly how there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Nytia works closely with each of her clients to tailor her legal approach to their individual needs, seeking the outcomes that mean the most to them.

Nytia was inspired to pursue a career in law so that she could seek justice for clients who have been injured by the health system through no fault of their own. Medical law, and particularly medical negligence cases, are important to Nytia as they often have devastating consequences and allow her to help people during what is often one of the most difficult times in their lives.

Nytia holds a Bachelor of Science, specialising in medical science, as well as her Bachelor of Laws. This combination has enabled Nytia to better interpret clinical records, speak with medical experts with a greater understanding of medical terminology and concepts, whilst also examining matters and seeking evidence from a legal perspective. In her professional history Nytia has also worked in a hospital setting under doctors, which has further added to her expertise.

In her spare time, Nytia practises martial arts and volunteers at West Welcome Wagon, a not-for-profit that supports asylum seekers in the community. She can speak Tamil and Mandarin, which helps those in need to access legal support who may have previously found it tough due to language barriers.

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