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Natalie Merunovich

Special Counsel

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Natalie Merunovich is a Special Counsel with Shine Lawyers’ Medical Law practice. Having worked in law for 24 years, Natalie is a well-respected and highly experienced plaintiff lawyer.

“With every avoidable medical incident, hopefully lessons can be learned which in turn will help achieve better healthcare outcomes for others.”

In her career as a medical negligence lawyer, Natalie represents people who’ve been injured due to medical errors. She’s assisted a wide variety of clients, from plaintiffs injured during birth to psychiatric claims on behalf of family members who’ve lost loved ones due to a medical incident. She was involved in Halverson v Dobler [2006] NSWSC 1307, the first case to consider concurrent expert evidence under the Civil Liability Act. The matter was appealed but ultimately settled in the client’s favour.

Natalie studied law at Bond University, graduating in 1994. She chose a career in law out of a desire to help people, believing everyone has the right to legal representation regardless of their individual circumstances.

“Through my 24 years in law, I’ve always stood up for the little guy, working consistently to try and achieve successful outcomes for injured plaintiffs.”

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