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Larissa Santos

Senior Solicitor

Larissa Santos is a senior solicitor on Shine’s medical negligence team. Having always entertained a passion for both law and medicine, working in this practice area provides a dynamic intersection that Larissa truly loves. Her motivation comes from a drive to help those who have been wronged, and achieve results for her clients.

Larissa targeted these two passions through her combined Bachelor of Medical Science and Bachelor of Law, from which she graduated in 2013. Being admitted to practice law in 2014, she gained experience at various commercial litigation and compensation firms before joining Shine Lawyers.

Running a diverse range of cases, Larissa enjoys applying her legal skills and knowledge simultaneously with her skills and expertise within the medical field to achieve compensation for people who have suffered. Given her combined degree, Larissa is well positioned to assist her clients, with an ability to interpret clinical records, speak with medical experts with a greater understanding of medical terminology and concepts, whilst also putting in practice and drawing the evidence we require from a legal point of view.

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