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Laila Noor

Graduate Solicitor

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Laila became enthralled with law through stories told by her parents who were lawyers prior to immigrating to Australia. She found her mother’s stories intellectually stimulating and learned firsthand how the law can directly improve the lives of civilians.

As an avid follower of politics and international affairs, Laila found the field of law personally rewarding. Wanting to broaden her understanding of the political aspects of law prior to studying law itself, Laila attained a liberal arts degree in International Relations and Human Rights at Monash University.

She then went on to study at Victoria University, graduating with Honours in Law. To hone her skills, she interned at the Office of Public Prosecutions and Victoria Police Prosecutions Division. She has also completed a clerkship at another personal injury law firm.

These experiences confirmed Laila’s belief that she had chosen the right field. Law allows Laila the opportunity to help people whilst working on stimulating and challenging matters.

Having lived in different countries prior to moving to Australia, Laila learned to speak four languages fluently which helps her communicate directly with clients from diverse backgrounds in Australia’s highly multi-cultural society.

Her unique perspective on life enables her to interact with clients in a respectful and empathetic manner. Laila’s dedication to justice and law further invigorates her to ensure that people from all backgrounds have equal access to legal services. She commits to ensuring her clients are treated respectfully and honorably in the process.

Laila looks forward to continuing work with her team at Shine Lawyers to guide clients, especially those who have felt they have been unrepresented in the past. She will continue to help her clients navigate the complex legal system and will fight alongside her clients to achieve a successful outcome.

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