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Karen Spitz


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Location: Brisbane
Joined: 2020

Practice Area(s)
  • Abuse Law
  • Personal Injury Claims
Memberships and Associations
  • Australian Counselling Association
  • Law Society Northern Territory

Karen Spitz

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Karen is Shine Lawyers’ dedicated Counsellor, providing counselling and mental health support to clients throughout their Abuse Law claims.

Karen has worked with survivors of trauma for over five years. She has experience across a variety of industries, working with those who have been institutionalised in the justice and health systems. Through roles including outreach work and case management, Karen has utilised a psycho-social recovery model to assist clients with a variety of illnesses and injuries including, but not limited to, psychiatric disability and complex trauma.

Karen finds working with survivors of abuse very meaningful, constantly in awe of the way people emerge from their trauma. She recognises that bringing an abuse claim is an extraordinary act which takes great courage and is rarely without considerable effort. She finds it enriching to have the opportunity to walk alongside people as they seek justice for the wrong they have suffered.

Karen’s work has given her the unique privilege to work with members of the Stolen Generation and assist with providing an outcome for both them and their families for wrongs committed many decades ago. She continues to assist those who have suffered injustice the acts of individuals and as a result of the negligence of larger institutions. Karen also has legal qualifications and has also worked in that capacity, so has a strong understanding on the legal process her clients are going through, offering valuable insight and perspective.

Originally from Melbourne, Karen is based in Darwin where she provides support for clients right across Australia. In addition to her work with Shine, Karen also volunteers at the Top End Women’s Legal Service, ensuring every person has access to legal advice, representation and advocacy regardless of their circumstances.

My work feels like it is working to rectify and support the changes I would like to see in our community and that’s very energising.

To find out more about Karen and how she and the Abuse Law team can help you, get in touch with us.

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