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Aaron is a Solicitor with Shine Lawyers’ Disability Insurance and Superannuation practice, helping people navigate the insurance process to claim what they’re entitled to. He has worked exclusively in this area since joining Shine Lawyers and prior to his admission as a lawyer, worked as a Claims Review Clerk. He is a passionate advocate for his clients and is driven to correct the imbalance between claimants and life insurers.

Aaron knows the claims process can be daunting and has seen that his clients can feel like they’re at rock bottom when an unexpected illness or injury occurs. They are typically exhausted physically, emotionally and financially. He gets great personal satisfaction ensuring people get what they paid for when it comes to insurance. He is fierce when it comes to advocating for the rights of his clients while also making sure they are well informed at every stage in the claim.

It is incredibly rewarding to advocate for the rights of my clients and recover their claim entitlements as quickly as possible.

To find out more about Aaron and how he and the Disability Insurance and Superannuation Team can help you, contact our Sydney offices.

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