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Robert Brittan

Senior Solicitor - Professional Standards, Risk & Compliance

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Robert joined the Shine Lawyers team in 2020 as a Senior Solicitor to manage Professional Standards, Risk & Compliance. He provides high quality complex legal advice and effective leadership to guide our lawyers in the fight for justice, helping them obtain the best outcomes for our clients.

Admitted to practice in 1983 in Queensland, Robert has over 35 years’ experience in business management, government processes, legal practice and industry regulation. Prior to joining Shine Lawyers, Robert was the Acting Legal Services Commissioner for Queensland providing strategic direction and leadership, legal advice and services, whilst carrying out the statutory duty of the Commission by ensuring all complaints were investigated and dealt with thoroughly, fairly and with transparency.

In the earlier days of his career as a solicitor, Robert handled complex personal injury, industrial relations and medico-legal claims always standing up for the little guy. One of his career highlights was acting on behalf of the Moura Mine widows, settling those cases after the coronial inquests into the 1986 and 1994 mining disasters. Tenacious to the core, Robert took on the big mining companies and was instrumental in legislation change, with the Worker’s Compensation Act now recognising de-facto spouses as wives for the purposes of compensation.

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