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Luiz de Almeida

Chief Information Officer

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Location: Brisbane
Joined: 2019


Luiz de Almeida
Chief Information Officer

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With his years of experience and range of skills in the Information Technology world, Luiz was a natural fit for the role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Shine. He has an MBA in Leadership and Technology Management from La Trobe University and has worked in a range of industries including mining, human services, investment and Federal Government.

Luiz oversees Shine’s Information Technology, Business Services and Innovation teams, working closely with each division as they support our legal teams in Righting Wrongs across the country and helping our deserving clients to access justice. He is passionate about our core value of “staying ahead of the pack”, continually working to ensure Shine can make the legal process as quick and easy and possible through cutting edge systems and constant improvement and innovation.

Prior to joining Shine Lawyers, Luiz had several high-profile roles including Technology Divestment M&A Lead Asia Pacific for Caterpillar Global Mining, General Manager of ESP Solutions Group Pty Ltd and Service Delivery Manager at JP Morgan. In his role as CIO of Australian Digital Health Agency, he was part of the team that successfully launched the My Health Record opt-out in January 2019.

Each of these roles has culminated in a unique level of skills and expertise which Luiz passionately brings with him to his role every day.

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