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$2.6M awarded to Shine Lawyers' lead applicants in Johnson and Johnson/Ethicon case

Class Action law firm, Shine Lawyers have confirmed that today Her Honour Justice Katzmann entered orders in respect of the reasons for judgment delivered in the class action brought on behalf of thousands of Australian women against Johnson & Johnson/Ethicon.

Today (03 March 2020), Justice Katzmann entered orders for Johnson & Johnson to pay individual damages to the three lead Applicants that collectively total almost $2.6 million. Justice Katzmann ordered that the Respondents pay the Applicants’ costs with final orders to be made in that regard in a few weeks’ time.

The issues common to group member claims arising out of the judgment will be determined in coming days.

Her Honour has also asked the parties to confer and to develop a framework to process the claims of individual women by the 30 June, 2020.

“We’re pleased with the result and encouraged by the compensation for the three lead applicants ordered today,” said Shine Lawyers’ Head of Class Actions, Jan Saddler.

“Today is a significant step forward but there is still a way to go until all Australian women affected by these products receive compensation,” she said.