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Our Client Lynda: A Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Story of Survival

Lynda was a client of our Head Trauma Division who unknowingly suffered a mild traumatic brain injury in what she thought was a relatively minor car accident. The Head Trauma Division helped Lynda meet with brain injury experts who would explain her symptoms, bringing her much needed relief. It was our privilege to represent Lynda and ultimately secure her a settlement that would allow her access to the medical and financial support she needed in order to manage her condition. We are honoured to share her story with you.

Lynda was on her way to work one morning. She was driving at a relatively low speed, when she was t-boned by a vehicle attempting to do a U-turn and the air bags deployed. Lynda didn’t hit her head, nor was she knocked out, but she felt dazed and confused. Despite the low speed, she was still thrown around. She walked through the motions required of individuals after an accident and, like muscle memory, she continued on to work. But she didn’t feel like herself.

Initially, Lynda thought it was just the shock of the car accident that was causing her to feel confused, dizzy, tired and nauseous. She had a ringing in her ears and her neck and back felt sore to touch. She started slurring her speech and her colleagues told her to take the day off and see her doctor.

When she arrived at the doctors, she was told that she had suffered from whiplash, but given her symptoms recommended she have a CT scan and MRI of her brain. These came back normal and she was told that she would be fine within weeks.

Months went by, but Lynda did not get better. In fact, she noticed that she was having difficulties at work and at home. She desperately wanted to get better so she investigated her symptoms by seeing a number of different allied health providers and medical professionals but no one could really give her any answers.

Since the accident, Lynda was experiencing multiple problems that can be linked to the mild traumatic brain injury definition.

Don't ignore these brain injury symptoms after a car accident | Shine Lawyers

She spoke to a lawyer who told her that, despite these symptoms, there was nothing they could do and under the law she wouldn’t be entitled to substantial compensation. Knowing that this car accident had changed her life, she was determined to get a second opinion.

Feeling anxious, stressed and unheard, Lynda contacted the Head Trauma Division at Shine Lawyers. She explained that all the experts she had spoken to already hadn’t believed her and because people weren’t able to see her injuries they had started to become impatient and doubt the validity of her symptoms.

How did a mild traumatic brain injury impact Lynda’s life?

From this traumatic event, Lynda’s life was changed forever, but no one was able to give her any answers as to why. It was at this point that Lynda needed help gaining some control over her life again.

We were able to work with Lynda to have her assessed by multi-disciplinary experts specialising in mild traumatic brain injuries. They explained she had suffered a mild traumatic brain injury in the car accident. Lynda was told she didn’t need to have lost consciousness or hit her head in order sustain a concussion or brain injury, and that the majority of mild traumatic brain injuries don’t actually appear on a CT scan or MRI.

We were able to obtain supportive evidence to explain why Lynda now needed support at home and why she was limited to only being able to work part time because of her symptoms. We were able to connect her with treatment providers, as well as negotiate a significant and meaningful settlement for Lynda. This meant she didn’t have to force herself to keep working, even when it was making her symptoms worse.

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