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Michael O'Conner - Professional Negligence Claim

About Michael's Claim

Michael O'Conner knows all about adversity. Having played professional rugby league for almost a decade, he has faced it on the field time and time again.

Off the field, however, Michael faced a different set of challenges. But just like on the field, he had teammates to help him along the way. This time, it was Shine Lawyers

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"I actually lent a friend of mine some money, quite a significant amount of money. Unfortunately, things weren't handled that well.

Being an expert footballer, I was quite naive and I ended up losing half of my investment. Shine took my case from start to finish and this was probably a three or four-year exercise.

I had a formidable legal team and my lawyer was available 24/7. Whenever Susan, my wife, had a question, we'd get an answer straight away. That was very comforting.

The other thing about the Shine experience for me was that they were prepared to take on my case, knowing that if they lost, they didn't get paid. That gave me a lot of comfort to know their skin was in the game as well.

They were taking a risk, but a calculated risk and I liked the fact that they were backing me.

They look after common people. They talk common language. Shine is a very down-to-earth law firm who are all about trying to get the best outcome for you."

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