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John - Environmental Class Action

John's Environmental Class Action Claim

John had finally achieved what most Australian's strive for; buying their first home. But little did he know that the property he had purchased was not all it seemed. With the help of Shine Lawyers Environmental Class Action team, John has finally been able to move on and start the next chapter of his life.

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"My name is John Burns. I live at Collingwood Park, which is a suburb located southwest of Brisbane.

In December 1988, there was a minor subsidence that happened about two kilometres away.

It was in March 1989 I moved in and by that time, the contract had been signed and it was too late to pull out.

Newcastle's under mines and I didn't think they would have approved development of this residential site if they had any issues. In other words, they wouldn't go ahead with it if they knew there was subsidence.

The backyard is in the main subsidence zone and there's about 18 to 20 houses within a few hundred metres from my house where they're demolished.

Any potential buyer comes here and they see that monitoring device, they'll say "what's that?" It's only metres from my fence and it's concreted in this monitoring device, which measures future movement in the ground.

I can't resell this place. I found Shine Lawyers communicated very well, I didn't feel I was being left in the dark anywhere at all. The team were very supportive, very professional, very approachable.

The decision was given fairly quickly and the court definitely agreed that government didn't do its duty. The judge made that clear. There's a good feeling thinking, we've had a good win here."

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