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The Shine Group’s response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Last updated 17/08/2021

SCAM ALERT: We have been made aware of communications circulating regarding Shine running a class action relating to mask wearing. Shine has no involvement or affiliation with this promoter; or the distribution of these misleading communications. Please ignore these unsolicited messages and communications shared.

Our priority is to protect the health and safety of our staff, their families and our clients, and to ensure the continuity of legal services to our clients.

In line with advice from the State Governments, some of Shine Lawyers’ offices are currently working remotely. Find an office near you for more information. Our teams remain available by phone, email, or video conference. We continue to service clients and progress claims, and kindly ask all attending visitors to call us on 13 11 99 or email us at [email protected].

We are well resourced to work remotely and have increased our capability to ensure that we can continue to operate safely and provide the highest quality service.

We will continue to monitor the situation daily, and implement responses to COVID-19 in line with advice from the State Government. Please refer back to this webpage which will be kept up to date with any further updates or changes to our operations; to find out the status of your local branch, please click here.

During this period of uncertainty, we want to assure new and existing clients that we are here for you. We are doing our utmost to ensure the safety of our community, staff and clients as we continue to progress your claims.

We understand that you may have some questions and have prepared answers to your most commonly asked ones. If you have a question that is specific to your claim, please contact us on 13 11 99 or reach out directly to your dedicated Shine Lawyers legal team.

We have also put together several blog articles to help you understand your rights and responsibilities during this uncertain time:

Frequently Asked Questions

At Shine it is business as usual. Even though we are working from home to ensure the safety of our clients and staff, we are still working on progressing claims and assisting any new enquiries.

We have the processes and systems in place to ensure this is a smooth transition. We are solving any problems that may arise creatively and are working with stakeholders to think outside the box to ensure that there are little to no delays in your claims progress.

Your legal team will be in touch should there be any updates in relation to your specific claim. Please reach out to them if you have any questions or there have been any changes to your personal circumstances. We are here to help.

Please reach out to your Shine Lawyers legal team if your situation changes and you have any questions about how this may impact your specific current claim.

Please reach out to Shine Lawyers legal experts on 13 11 99 and we will be able to talk to you about your particular situation. While time limits to claim do apply, it may not be too late.

  • In general most claims don’t proceed all the way to court therefore in most cases there should be little to no impact to your claim.

“We see a very high number of cases resolve out of court, up to 95% in some states (although this varies across jurisdictions). What this means is that many people going through the legal process during court closures or changes, might see no impact on the processing of their claims as a result.”
Jodie Willey, Shine Group COO

  • If your claim is likely to or has already proceeded to court, like everyone, the courts are also developing different ways of working to ensure that the justice process is still able to proceed. The courts are undertaking steps such as:
  1. Moving to electronic hearings
  2. In some cases adjourning hearings to a future date. If this happens to you please be assured that we are doing everything in our control to ensure that your case progresses in a timely manner.

GPs like all other services are also evolving to ensure safe continuity of service for their patients. Contact your GP to see if they have moved to telehealth and electronic signature processes to allow you to continue to receive the documentation that you require to keep your claims progressing.

Medical assessments will still be undertaken by our experts remotely where possible via video or phone. There may be some instances where a physical examination is still needed. We are trying to make arrangements for remote assessments wherever possible.

Mediations will still go ahead as planned utilising technology to ensure the safety of all involved. Your legal team will be in touch with any details regarding your mediation if you have one upcoming.

Defendant solicitors and all others in the legal industry are adapting to the current environment as we are. Most, if not all, are working remotely where ever possible. To date, we have not encountered any delays from Defendant solicitors.

If you need to get a document to us quickly you can scan or take photographs and email them through to us. Otherwise use post – we are working on redirection services so that the mail is directed to the appropriate person.

We know that some clients may have had some surgery cancellations or postponements during this time. Please contact your Shine Lawyers Legal team if you have experienced any operating schedule timing changes so that we can help you through your claim.

“Our company ethos encourages us to stand up for the little guy. We’re very conscious of being community focussed at all times but are particularly aware of our responsibility to help the public in times of need, like we’re in now.

We’re currently looking into community outreach programs where, for example, we encourage our lawyers who are working from home with their children to work with them to pen letters and draw pictures that can be sent to nursing homes to let elderly Australians who are in isolation at various facilities, know that the community is thinking of them.

We’re also sending care packages to clients with specific needs or who are particularly vulnerable at this time. We’re driven by a shared goal to help where we can, when we can.” Jodie Willey, Shine Group COO

If you are experiencing financial hardship there are government agencies, banks and other financial services, and utility providers that are offering assistance. We have included links to these below:



Please visit your banking institution’s website to find out what they are doing in response to the COVID-19 situation.

Utility providers:

If you are experiencing difficulty keeping up with paying bills (or anticipate that you may in the future) your utility provider is legally required to assist you.

You can find more information on utility bill assistance here

Health Insurers:

Many health insurers have said they will review postponing the 1st April premium increase for at least 6 months.

Please reach out to your insurer to see if there have been any changes to your policies or if they have any financial hardship assistance services.

Mental health support services:

If you need anyone to talk to, we encourage you to reach out to one of the support services below for assistance.

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