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Keeping farm workers safe on quad bikes

Since 2001, at least 269 Australians have died in quad bike accidents – far too many.

Despite this, the quad bike remains a popular vehicle on Australian rural properties, with riders saying the vehicle allows them to efficiently tend to livestock, crops and other duties.

Rightly, community groups as well as state and federal governments continue to try to raise awareness around the dangers posed by the four-wheeled motorcycles.

So, can quad bikes be used safely, or should they be replaced entirely?

How dangerous are quad bikes in Australia?

Each year, an average of 16 Australians die due to quad bike related causes, according to agriculture organisation FarmSafe Australia. An estimated further 650 to 1,400 people are injured and require hospitalisation, with an average treatment cost of more than $175,000.

Head and neck injuries and back trauma are the most common injuries that occur from quad bike accidents.

Quad bike safety – regulations and rebates

To reduce the injuries and deaths occurring in quad bike accidents, state and federal governments have introduced policy to either improve the safety of the bikes or incentivise a shift to alternative vehicles.

From 11 October 2020, the federal government’s new safety standard will require new quad bikes to:

  • meet international safety requirements
  • undergo stability testing
  • display warnings of the risk of rollover
  • include rollover information in the owner’s manual or handbook.

In Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania, the state governments have introduced rebate schemes to reduce quad bike deaths and injuries. The scheme is intended to either improve the safety of quad bikes by installing rollover protection or subsidise the cost of buying a safer, alternative vehicle.

Safety considerations for quad bike riders

Where quad bikes are still being used, the risk of injury can be reduced by:

  • always wearing a helmet
  • never overloading a quad bike with extra passengers or cargo
  • ensuring everyone who uses a quad bike has adequate training
  • maintaining and servicing vehicles regularly
  • ensuring that the quad bike suits the age and size of the rider. Children should never ride on an adult quad bike
  • riding at speeds suited to the terrain
  • avoiding uneven terrain.

Workplace quad bikes injury claims – why choose Shine Lawyers?

If you or someone close has been injured using a quad bike at work, we may be able to help you claim Workers Compensation.

Our expert Workers Compensation lawyers have helped thousands of Australians injured at work access their entitlements on a No Win No Fee basis*.

*Conditions apply

Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: July 13, 2021.

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