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Light airplane crashes leave two dead and two injured

It has been an ill-fated week in the Australia aviation industry with separate light plane crashes leaving two dead and two injured, one in a critical condition.

On Thursday 26 June 2014, 44 year old father of three Tony Duggan and 55 year old Garry Williams passed away when the wing of their two-seater ultralight plane broke off causing them to crash into a paddock at Krondorf in the Barossa Valley.

It is not yet known why the wing separated from the aircraft in mid-flight. Recreational Aviation Australia president Michael Monck describes the occurrence as one that is “extremely rare” and stated that investigations would take place to determine the cause of the accident. The investigations will examine all possible causes of the crash including any pre-flight factors, stress fractures during the flight and the weather conditions at the time of the flight.

In a similar incident just three days later, a 46 year old pilot and his 22 year old passenger sustained injuries when their two-seater Chipmunk plane crashed into bushland near Coffs Harbour. The pilot remains in hospital in a critical condition.

Richard Batt, a spokesperson for the ATSB said it is not known whether the accident was caused due to a mechanical problem or if it was the result of pilot error. The ATSB will begin their crash investigations this week. The pilot and any witnesses will be interviewed and again, factors such as the weather and condition of the aircraft will be taken into account when determining the cause of the crash.

Our thoughts are with the affected families.

The Shine Lawyers Aviation Law Department will monitor the investigation of both accidents and provide an update as to causes when they become available.

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Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: September 7, 2017.

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