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ICAO Annex 19 - Safety Management commences 14 November 2013

The International Convention on Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention) establishes a basis for technical and operational aspects of civil aviation.  Technical standards and recommended practices (SARPs) - promulgated by the United Nations agency responsible for aviation (the International Civil Aviation Organisation – ICAO) through Annexes adopted in accordance with the Chicago Convention - serve as the worldwide guide on civil aviation.  The Annexes cover technical standards on matters such as airworthiness certification, registration of aircraft, international operating standards, licensing.

There are 18 Annexes to the Chicago Convention but a nineteenth will come into force on 14 November 2013.  Annex 19 “Safety Management” transplants and harmonises provisions from six other Annexes into the new one which is dedicated to safety management, and which helps stress and reinforce to States the importance of the concept in all aviation domains.


Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: November 11, 2013.

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