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Underpaid or unpaid superannuation – what to do if your employer is not paying super

When was the last time you checked your superannuation? If you haven’t accessed your account recently you aren't alone - many Australians leave their super untouched until retirement.

However, without super you may miss out on insurance through your super fund if you are ever injured and unable to work.

The premiums for insurance are paid by the super fund to an insurer from your own superannuation funds.

That’s why it’s important you act if you think your employer is underpaying your super, or worse not paying at all.

How can I check if my employer is paying my super?

To check whether your employer is processing your super and paying the right amount, follow these steps:

How can I check if my employer is paying my super

Check Super Due Date

Check if the due date for your employer to lodge your super contribution has passed using the Australian Tax Office's (ATO) online tool.

What to do if my employer hasn't paid my super

Talk to your employer

Ask your employer or your employer’s payroll officer if the super contribution was made, and if so when it was made.

Why is superannuation so important

Call your super fund

Call your super fund or log in to your online account to see if the fund has received any contributions.

What to do if my employer hasn't paid my super?

If you think you’ve been underpaid or not paid super at all, you should talk to your employer. If your employer denies or ignores your concerns, you should consider taking further action.

You can report your employer to the ATO online or by calling 13 10 20. The ATO will only investigate unpaid super claims once the due date for your employer's contributions have passed.

Why is superannuation so important?

Superannuation funds are among the best ways to save for retirement, but they can also offer members forms of insurance in case of death, total and permanent disablement (TPD) or loss of income. Super funds may cancel these insurances if your account is inactive, or if your account balance drops too low. If your employer isn’t paying you the correct super, your insurance could be at risk.

Case study: income protection through super

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Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: November 24, 2020.

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