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Shine a Light on Road Safety campaign

Shine a Light on Road Safety is a campaign run by Road Trauma Support Services Victoria, to raise awareness, to stop deaths and injuries on our roads while raising funds to support those impacts by road trauma.

According to the Department of Infrastructure & Regional Development latest road fatality data, during 2015 there were 1206 road deaths, an 18% increase on the previous year. For every road fatality there is a grieving family left behind. RTSSV works with Victorians that have been effected by road trauma through counselling and support.

By joining RTSSV in shining a light on road safety, we can work together towards our common goal of ensuring safer roads and greater support for those impacted by road traumas. Shine Lawyers encourages those Victorians looking to get involved to turn on their headlines to demonstrate commitment to road safety on Friday 6 May 2016. If you’re in the Melbourne area you can also join in the Community Walk in Melbourne on Sunday 15, starting from Jells Park, Mount Waverley. To register or make a donation click here;

Shine a light on road safety poster

Steps to improve road safety

Thousands of Australians have suffered life altering injuries because of incidents on the road. Road safety is everyone’s responsibility so take the time to read and keep in mind the following road safety tips:
  1. Check over your car – It’s important to check your vehicle over before travel. Road safety bodies generally recommend the POWER check. POWER stands for Petrol, Oils, Water, Electric and Rubbers.
  2. Concentration and mental preparation – Getting a good night’s sleep before your journey is very important. Plan ahead and accept that it may take a little longer than you expected to reach your destination. Drink plenty of water and take a short break every 2 hours to help improve your concentration.
  3. Be courteous – Share the road and try to control any frustration. Allow other drivers to merge or change lanes easily, use your horn as a warning sound only – not out of frustration, be aware of the needs of other drivers and road users like pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and heavy vehicles.
  4. Avoid distractions. Hide your phone away; make sure everyone in the vehicle knows the importance of not diverting the driver’s attention off the road.
  5. Drive to the weather conditions. If it’s raining, slow down, it takes longer to stop in the wet. Turn on your headlights and never drive beyond the limits of visibility.

Fatalities on the road in Victoria from 2013 - 2015

Data from the Data.Vic and the Victorian Government shows the number of fatalities on Victorian roads are up for the second year in a row. In 2015 there were 252 fatalities, down on the 5 year average, but still an increase on the low of 2013 (243 deaths).

The map below highlights the importance of initiatives like Shine a Light on Road Safety and shows the areas most affected.

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Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: April 28, 2016.

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