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Erin Explains: Who's handling my case?

If you find legal jargon hard to understand, you’re not alone. Legal dialogue is highly specialised and sometimes, it just sounds like gibberish. At Shine Lawyers, we speak your language. We’ll explain your case plain and simple – no unnecessary jargon needed.

If you’re bringing a legal claim, one question that might be on your mind is “who are the different people handling my case?” In this series of videos, Shine Lawyers ambassador Erin Brockovich breaks some down key concepts so you understand who’s who when it comes to your legal team.


A paralegal is a highly skilled and experienced legal professional who supports the solicitor in the running of a case. They'll do most of the legal administration work involved in your case.

Their tasks often involve the more particular, on-hands legal work like researching cases, drafting correspondence, preparation of agreements and pulling together any documentation for the courts.


A solicitor is a legal professional who spends most of their time out of court. Solicitors are involved in the day-to-day legal affairs of their clients.

For example - drafting correspondence to the insurance company in connection with your workers’ compensation claim, securing evidence in support of your case or filing court documents on your behalf.

Accredited Specialist

An accredited specialist is a practising solicitor who has specialised in a certain area of law and has been recognised in that area by the law society. To do that, they need to have practised law full time for at least 5 years, worked in their area of legal specialty for at least 3 years and successfully completed the specialist accreditation course in the area of their specialty.

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Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: December 7, 2017.

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