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Annette Mason Inquest Reopened

It has been 29 years since 15-year old Annette Mason was found bashed to death in her bed at her Toowoomba home. Her brutal murder remains unsolved and without justice for the Mason family.

A coroner’s inquest is now underway which will re-examine the facts of the case and hopefully bring an end to the Mason family’s heartache. 62 witnesses will be called. The first inquest in 1991 was closed and subject to reopening at any stage if further evidence became available.

Shine Lawyers is representing the Mason Family on a pro bono basis. Special Counsel Leanne McDonald will be taking on the matter for the entire 3 weeks of the inquest.

Leanne McDonald grew up in Toowoomba and is well aware of how severely the incident impacted the local community.

“ I’ve seen the heartache the Mason family has gone through for nearly three decades now and it’s about time somebody was charged with Annette’s murder…the terrifying way in which Annette was killed had a significant effect on me as a teenager as well as the entire Toowoomba community’.

McDonald is extremely determined to assist the Mason family in bringing the accused to justice and solve one of the most prominent murder mysteries in Toowoomba since 1989.

“We are determined to ensure that this time around pressing questions are answered and ultimately somebody is charged for the murder of Annette Mason.”

Media coverage of the inquest

Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: November 20, 2018.

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