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Back to school safety measures - what every parent must know!

With most Australian children returning to school this week, it’s an important time to reinforce safety messages to ensure this year will be a safe and happy year for all. Here are our top four safety tips for returning to school safely.

1.    Pedestrian safety

Whether your children walk or ride their bikes to school, it’s important to talk about their safety. Driveways and car parks are still roads and often children can’t be seen over hedges or parked cars. Children up to the age of 9 should be supervised at all times near traffic. Parents and carers should teach their children to:

STOP at the kerb

LOOK both ways for traffic

LISTEN for traffic

THINK decide whether it’s safe to cross

Going for walks with your children can help you to reinforce these safety messages.

2.     Road safety

Over the holidays, some young adults may have got their licence or their first car.  At such a time, it’s important to remind these young people that, with more independence come more responsibility. Driving their cars to school means extra care in and around school car parks as well as on the road. If your children car pool with friends, it’s important that their passengers know the importance of not distracting the driver. The same rules apply when you, as a parent or carer, drive the children to school. It’s important they know not to distract you. Also, make sure you are clued up on your state’s rules regarding child restraints.

3.     Anti-bullying

Harassment, violence and bullying of any kind can make a return to school an unwelcome experience. If your child is being bullied, it’s important to stay calm and positive. Talk with your child, do not advise your child to fight with the other child, report the bullying to the school, learn strategies to help deal with the bullying and discuss cyber safety. Alternatively, if you think your child has been bullying others, discuss with your child why they might be behaving this way and how this might be influencing their behaviour. It’s important to discuss their behaviour with the school, consider what’s going on at home, explain why bullying is unacceptable and make clear rules and consequences for bad behaviour.  For more information take a look at

4.     Playground safety

It’s important for children to learn to play responsibly. Parents and carers can teach children to use play equipment and play areas safely. It’s also important that children play in the shade where possible, use sunscreen and look out for their friends.

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