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3 ways to make this summer safer

Written by:
James Chrara
General Manager - New South Wales

With summer officially upon us, we're reminding people to take care when out in the sun, around water and while entertaining.

TIP 1: Take time to talk to children about the importance of water safety

“Statistics from the Royal Life Saving Society show that the greatest level of education needs to be with children aged 0-4 and 5-14,” said Shine Lawyer’s General Manager James Chrara.

“It is extremely important that communities work together to make sure pool safety is paramount.

“Pool owners have a legal obligation to ensure pool barriers are maintained and that any damaged fencing is fixed immediately,” said James.

From April 2013 NSW home owners have been required by law to register their backyard swimming pools to insure they meet safety requirements. Queensland implemented the register in 2011, while Victoria is still yet to introduce a register.

TIP 2: Stay hydrated, especially at work or while playing sports

“To ensure your safety while at work or playing sports this summer, drink plenty of water, wear protective clothing such as a broad brim hat and loose fitting long sleeve shirts and pants.

“People should also remember to take regular breaks from the sun and always keep in mind that prevention is better than cure,” said James.

TIP 3: Keep food fresh

Summer and BBQ’s go hand in hand but remember food safety is also important.  Keep raw meat cool and separate from other cooked food, make sure frozen food is thawed right through before cooking and get chilled food home quickly.

Written by 

Written by James Chrara. Last modified: September 26, 2018.

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