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15 ways to stay safe as a cyclist

With the interest in cycling increasing and recent events across Australia sparking intense debate, there has been renewed focus on cyclist safety.

“While the below tips are mainly intended for cyclists –  it’s important motorists of all kinds gain an understanding of how cyclists can protect themselves and the actions they should take on the roads,” said Shine Lawyers Solicitor Will Barsby.

Cyclists should always:

  1. Wear bright clothes when cycling to be seen easily
  2. Fit your bike with a bell or horn and use it
  3. Make sure you stretch before and after your ride
  4. Obey the rules, signs and signals of the road… your bike is a vehicle
  5. Give clear hand signals when making turns or changing lanes
  6. Look carefully for traffic and give way to all vehicles before entering the road
  7. Walk beside the bicycle when using a pedestrian crossing
  8. Ride in a straight line about 1 metre out from the curb or parked vehicles
  9. Look ahead and constantly check the road for hazards and dangers
  10. Communicate with other road users – make your intentions clear. Try and make eye contact with the other road users
  11. Keep both hands on your handlebars – except if signaling your intention to turn or change lanes
  12. Try and find the safest route – avoid heavily congested traffic areas
  13. Maintain a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you
  14. Wear a protective helmet
  15. Ride in a responsible and sensible manner, use your common sense
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Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: September 26, 2018.

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