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Queensland road toll hits decade high

2020 has been a horror year on Queensland’s roads.

The official road toll has climbed above 250, with deaths in Logan and the Gold Coast region increasing by 140%.

Shine Lawyers Logan manager Bree Smith says she’s noticed the increase.

“Even with less cars on the road due to COVID-19, it seems the rate of accidents has continued to rise which is concerning,” says Bree.

Injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents cause pain and stress for clients, with many left unable to work while they recover.

“Clients’ injuries can have a devastating impact, not just on them but their family and friends as well,” says Bree.

Speeding, drink driving, distraction and fatigue were the top killers on the roads. In his former role as a paramedic, Shine Lawyers Chermside manager Glenn Brown became familiar with the effects of all four.

“From the paramedic point of view you pick these people up and you can see it in their eyes, no one expects what has happened to them — this is not how they saw their day going,” says Glenn.

“Maybe they just bent down to pick up their phone — as simple as that.”

Over the Christmas break, many drivers will be hitting the roads to reunite with family. It comes as La Niña weather conditions look set to bring heavy rains to Queensland through the Summer.

Bree says driving to the conditions, as well as taking plenty of breaks, are key to staying safe.

“Be safe out on the roads, pay attention to the road and not your phone,” says Bree.

Glenn encourages drivers to keep care and consideration in mind.

“People cause the accidents generally, the roads don’t,” he says.

“It’s about one hundred percent attention to the task of driving.”

Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: December 18, 2020.

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