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Map of motor vehicle and road traffic accidents in Victoria

The map below highlights the number of road traffic accidents causing injuries on Victorian roads. The data shown is from 2013-17 and the map is interactive, allowing you to move around and zoom on areas of interest.

Data from under Creative Commons Attribution.

We have also produced maps for more localised areas below.

Maps showing motorcycle, truck and bike accidents across the state can be found here:

Maps of specific areas in Victoria can be found below.

Melbourne – fatalities and serious injuries from motor vehicle accidents

Data from under Creative Commons Attribution.

Bendigo – fatalities and serious injuries from motor vehicle accidents

Data from under Creative Commons Attribution.

Geelong – fatalities and serious injuries from motor vehicle accidents

Data from under Creative Commons Attribution.

Written by Shine Lawyers on . Last modified: May 15, 2018.

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  • Sharon Williams wrote:

    Where is western Victoria on these maps? Or is it meaning the deaths or serious injuries are not taken as being as serious as Geelong (in the spotlight yet again) Bendigo and Melbourne?

  • Murray wrote:

    That’d be “crashes”, not “accidents” I guess. If they were really “accidents” lawyers would not be able to win compensation from the “responsible” party.
    As long as we keep calling “crashes” “accidents”, people will keep believing that they are inevitable and unavoidable.

  • Cazz wrote:

    My crash on Peninsula link, just past the Frankston Dandenong Road on ramp on the 1st of March 2016 isn’t on there. I was hospitalised for many days, and still recovering from my injuries today.

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Cazz, sorry to hear about your accident. I’m not sure why your accident wouldn’t be appearing, but the data on the map is Victorian Government accident data which is based on Police accident reports and then categorised based on these reports on whether an Ambulance was required for medical treatment or a fatality. ~Steph.

  • Bethany Tudor wrote:

    What do the different colours mean?

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Bethany, we have a colour key on each of the maps: orange means accidents between 2013-2017 where parties were medically treated, purple means accidents between 2013-2017 where there were fatalities and blue means all other motor vehicle accidents between 2013-2017. ~Steph

  • David Brooks wrote:

    Rules, rules and more rules! Every nuance of driving on the Australian roads is catered for in some roads law or regulation. It (Road Law) is absurd! Whoever makes and passes these laws is trying to control driving to the nth degree, a control freak. It removes all decision making from the driver “I have RIGHT of way” “the law is on my side” ‘I don’t have to be polite.”
    The psychology is amazing…

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