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Full Cycle – Kyle Bridgwood Story

Kyle Bridgwood never thought he would see a silver lining to suffering a horrific cycling accident six years ago. But after winning two silver medal at the Paralympics, Kyle is becoming an Australian hero to so many people.

Thanks to the help of Shine Lawyers, Kyle received compensation which allowed him to get the help and support he needed to follow his newly founded dream.

See Kyle's story, as televised on Full Cycle, in the video below.

"There’s a rider named Kyle Bridgwood that in 2011 was out riding his bike, was hit by a car but thankfully he had the right support to get him back going again.

I was out training early in the morning and I was doing a bit of a TT sort of effort kind of thing in a place that I never ride, so it was really weird, like I never ever ride along this road and then that day I did and I got cleaned up head on with a van. I can’t really remember a lot of it, like the only thing I can remember is riding, and as far as I know he tried to beat me across a road through an intersection but he probably didn’t realise how fast I was going. And a lot of it’s a blur, a lot going on, and I think my mind just sort of tried to blank it all out.

I fractured my neck and my back, fractured my leg, I severed the patella – my kneecap – out of my leg, a lot of blood loss, I had a blood transfusion, my hands got a bit mangled as well. I was pretty much doing rehab from the day it happened, and even now as well I still do little exercises, trying to keep them straight and stuff. It drove me crazy that I couldn’t go riding to be honest. And at the start I wasn’t able to like do much myself, like I couldn’t shower. Yeah it wasn’t a cool experience like not being able to do stuff yourself.

Shine Lawyers have been with me every step of the way throughout my case until it got settled and they were awesome. They were really really good the whole time.

I sort of always thought this like things happen for a reason, and it wasn’t very good what happened and it sucked and whatever... But if it wasn’t for that who knows where my cycling would have gone. But I got to go to the Rio Paralympics last year and so I guess that’s been the upside, it’s been a really cool journey doing all that stuff. I think it changed the way my outlook is towards life and that kind of thing, sort of in a way yeah. I sort of tend to just do stuff now a little bit more and I don’t really think aw maybe I won’t do. If I feel like doing it, I just do it.

Two silver medals at the Rio Paralympic Games and what an incredibly positive outlook on life considering how bad that accident was.

What a champion, what a champion. Just listening to him I mean and you saw the vision there of what’s happened to him. They’re the real heroes aren’t they, guys like him and they set a great example to just live your life and enjoy it.

And also another reason to be affiliated with Cycling Australia because you get a membership with Cycling Australia, you do get a free consultation with Shine Lawyers if you do have a traffic accident. So certainly get on board, and support Cycling Australia and good luck to Kyle and anybody else moving forward that’s had any issues out on the road."

Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: November 8, 2017.

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