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Full Cycle - Darren Wells Story

Darren Wells was just out for a casual ride when he became another statistic of cycling accidents across Australia.

Thanks to the help of Shine Lawyers, Darren received compensation for his accident and was able to move on with his life. See Darren's story, as televised on Full Cycle, in the video below.

"Well Darren Wells, a recreational cyclist, wasn’t thinking about his group set when he had an accident earlier this year but he’s certainly thankful for the support he got after it.

12 months ago yeah I did have the accident, I, hit by a car. I was going through approaching through or into a roundabout and she’s come in from the left and I’ve sort of well I was well and truly in the roundabout almost about to go out the other side and I don’t remember when I've seen her I looked back and then I don’t remember other than being hit by the car.

Yeah I’ve got a benign fracture of my C6 vertebrae, I had,  as I said I had a laceration on the back of my head where I had four stitches. I had skin off both elbows, off both knees. With Shine Lawyers, initially as I said I went there initially just to enquire about getting sort of money back for my bike cos I said I was more concerned about my bike being damaged and who’s going to pay me for a new bike or how do I go about getting money for a new bike.

Just a case of obviously going through the process of getting it all together and making sure we tick all the boxes so that obviously in the end I’ll come out with some sort of result and obviously they will too. And Shine Lawyers have been, sort of, well and truly easy to get along that way, and I’m sort of very happy with where we are at the moment.

I’ve probably taken more of inclined now to riding on bike tracks rather than trying to get out on the road as much and if you do ride on the road try and ride where you have plenty of shoulder or again have a bike lane on the road for the fact that it just doesn’t take any time at all and you can be on the road the wrong way so to speak.

If you do have an experience like I probably did, you sort of think back, well I was lucky. When you ride a bike and especially where I do ride, if you ride around the waterfront you look out over the ocean morning time and the sun’s coming up and you think how lucky I can still see this.

Don’t take it for granted you’re not going to have an accident and always wear a helmet for the fact that the simplest thing can turn into a nasty thing by not having a helmet on.

Well, good to see Darren still up and about and it’s also a good reason to get a membership with Cycling Australia; that connection with a law firm is certainly a beneficial part of that membership though Sam.

Oh, no doubt you are vulnerable on the bike and, hate seeing stories like that don’t you but we’re getting better I think I guess as Darren was saying post-accident looking after people.

Fingers crossed our roads and our safety on our roads are getting better as well."

Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: October 24, 2017.

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