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Full Cycle – Cycling Australia Announcement


Shine Lawyers is proud to announce our partnership with Cycling Australia, to protect and promote the safety of cyclists around the country.

Our partnership aims to ensure all Cycling Australia members are taken care of in the event of an accident by offering sound legal advice for cycling accident claims.

See more about the partnership from Full Cycle in the video below.



“Now Cycling Australia also recently announced a fantastic partnership with Shine Lawyers.Appointing them as the official lawyers of the national cycling body.

The partnership will provide Cycling Australia members access to dedicated legal assistance and a free legal consultation with a compensation law expert.

Shine Lawyers team of experts understand the issues affecting cyclists and are passionate about cycling and the safety of cyclists on our roads.

By join forces, Cycling Australia and Shine Lawyers are committed to making cycling easier and safer for all Australians. For more information on the partnership or benefits of becoming a Cycling Australia member head to Cycling Australia’s website, and safe cycling.

We also heard from Nick Green, the CEO of Cycling Australia, who is pretty happy about this new announcement. “There was wonderful synergy between our organisation and the expertise of Shine to go, let’s work together, let’s educate our members about what’s there and also provide a service to our members that they can tap into”.

“Shine Lawyers ever year represents hundreds of cyclists involved in catastrophic cycling accidents. Quite often these incidents can see the cyclists being very badly injured which can have devastating effects for themselves and their families. It’s for this reason seeing this devastation first hand that Shine Lawyers really wants to be involved in the solution.” Garreth Turner – Shine Lawyers

Well welcome aboard to Shine Lawyers, Pat, really good for CA members. Well it is, it’s a great benefit, and many riders will need this. It is unfortunate but it is the world we live in now that it is dangerous to be on the roads.”

Written by Shine Lawyers on . Last modified: October 6, 2017.

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