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Full Cycle - Bike laws across the country

Cycling is becoming more and more popular across Australia. It’s a great way to get outdoors, get some fresh air, and commute to and from work without the traffic.

With the number of cyclists per capita increasing, bike laws must be adhered to. While cyclists need to obey the general rules of the road just like all other motorists, there are specific laws that apply. These laws aren’t the same across the country; each state has their own set of laws.

See Shine Lawyers' own Stuart Le Grand on Full Cycle talking about some important cycling laws.

"When you’re on your bike, be it on road or off road, there are certain laws that apply. Some are nationally based, some are state based but they’re all designed to keep you safe.

Always remember you need to have at least one hand on the handle bars at all times. That’s designed for your own safety.

All bikes must have working breaks, and a warning device such as a bell or a horn. You should also have correct lights when riding at night.

When riding along a bike path way, always make sure that you’re riding the correct way. This is common sense, but you cannot lead an animal when riding. Similarly you cannot hold onto another vehicle whilst it’s driving. Shine Lawyers have proudly partnered with Cycling Australia to raise awareness about cycle safety and to keep everybody safe on our roads."

Written by Shine Lawyers on October 5, 2017. Last modified: October 16, 2018.

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