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Landmark vaginal mesh class action begins in Sydney

On 4 July 2017, the trial for one of the Australia's largest product liability class actions against Johnson & Johnson began in Sydney. Shine Lawyers brought the class action against Johnson & Johnson for its vaginal mesh implants, which have left thousands of women with painful and life altering complications.

Implants with devastating impacts

Up to 8000 women are thought to be impacted by the pelvic floor repair systems. The implants are surgically inserted to fix pelvic floor damage that causes women to experience symptoms such as stress urinary incontinence and prolapse.

"The complications that Australian women are suffering include the mesh or tape eroding through, and into, surrounding tissue and organs, as well as incontinence, infection and chronic pain," explains Shine Lawyers Special Counsel Rebecca Jancauskas.

"Australian women have had their lives changed forever by these products. Many now live in excruciating pain, suffering terrible side effects that impact all aspects of their lives," said Ms Jancauskas.

"None of these products have been recalled and some remain on the market today. This class action is about righting the wrong against these women, who will suffer pain and complications for the rest of their lives," said Ms Jancauskas.

About the Johnson & Johnson Class Action

To date, over 700 women have registered with the Shine Lawyers Mesh Class Action against Johnson & Johnson. The trial is expected to run for at least six months. Evidence will be heard from Australian and International medical experts as well as testimonies from Australian women who have been fitted with the mesh.

It is not only Australian women who are suffering at the hands of these implants. More than 100,000 American women who were implanted with J&J devices have already started legal action in the US, with proceedings also commencing in the UK and Canada.

Join the class action

Although the trial has officially begun, there is still time for other affected women to take part and seek compensation for the loss they have suffered. If you think you may have been adversely impacted by a Johnson & Johnson implant, get in touch with a member of Shine Lawyers' Class Action department today, and we will begin investigations on your behalf.

Read more about the Johnson & Johnson Class Action here:

Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: July 3, 2017.

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