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Case Study: Medical Negligence

A pathology service did not tell Fiona, a mother of four, that her blood test results showed she had a much higher risk of stroke. Several days later she suffered a stroke and has been unable to return to work as she needed constant care from her family. Fiona's legal situation was quite complicated due to the nature of the case and the matter proceeded to court. The Judge awarded compensation in her favour and Fiona now is able to be professionally cared for.

Another example of a medical negligence or medical malpractice case would be that of a newborn by the name of Anthony. Anthony suffered a serious brain injury due to birth complications that left him with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. A medical negligence claim was made by the parents against the obstetrician and the private hospital alleging that they failed to follow the recommended guidelines when they induced the labour and discharged the mother and child without monitoring them. The claim resolved with a compensation payment to the parents.

How do I know if I’m able to make a medical negligence claim?

There are legal options if you have suffered medical negligence. Compensation claims can be made through the courts, which can be successful if it’s proven that you suffered because of a medical practitioner or medical facility's negligence.

I think I have a medical negligence claim, what should I do next?

It’s important that you contact a malpractice lawyer with experience in medical negligence claims as soon as possible to make sure your interests are looked after.

The Shine Lawyers medical negligence law team will be able to advise you of your entitlements. Advice is obligation free, and your lawyer can come to you at home or hospital.

The Shine Lawyers No Win No Fee policy is available for medical negligence claims. This is designed to help people whose financial circumstances might otherwise deny them access to legal representation.


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Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: July 23, 2017.

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