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Map of motorbike crashes and accidents in Western Australia

Light on fuel and heavy on enjoyment, motorcycles are on the rise as a form of transportation in Australia.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, motorbikes and scooters now make up more than 4.5 per cent of the 18 million registered vehicles on our roads. Yet for all their benefits, motorcycles certainly carry risks as well.

In Western Australia, fatal road accidents involving motorcycles are on the rise. Research published by the Main Roads WA revealed in 2014, forty-four lives were lost. This alarming number is just under double the motorcycle fatalities of 2013.

Common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Other drivers failing to see riders
  • Wet weather conditions
  • Patches of sand or gravel on the road; and
  • Being under the influence of alcohol.

Appropriate safety gear doesn’t stop a crash but it can help to minimise the effects of an accident. Motorcyclists have just as much right to the road as drivers and care should be taken by all road users to ensure their safety.

Click here for Shine Lawyers' infographic on motorcycle road safety stats and facts.

The map below shows the spread of motorcycle accidents causing injuries in Western Australia between 2013-17.

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Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: November 23, 2018.

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