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CASE STUDY: McAndrew v AAI Limited [2013]

Mr. McAndrew was a pedestrian walking across a road when he was hit by a motorcycle. As a result of the impact, the client suffered serious and painful injuries and was hospitalised for a long period of time. Prior to the accident, Mr. McAndrew had secure, well-paying employment within the mining industry and enjoyed keeping fit by engaging in boxing training and rugby.


One issue, in this case, was to what extent contributory negligence should be attributed to Mr. McAndrew's claim as he had been consuming alcohol that night he sustained the injuries.

The defendants argued that Mr. Andrew had been positioned in an unsafe area of the road and had impaired awareness due to the effects of alcohol consumption.


After evidence and witness statements were presented to the court, it was ultimately determined that Mr. McAndrews level of alcohol consumption did not substantially affect his perception and reaction to the motorcycle.

Witness statements gave evidence that the driver of the motorcycle had been driving at a very fast speed and that there is no evidence that there was anything in sight. In essence, it was perfectly safe for Mr. McAndrew to get out of the taxi and walk across the street at that point in time.


Mr. McAndrew was awarded damages of $1,420,209.

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Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: December 17, 2018.

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