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Meet our Accredited Specialists

When times get tough you need the help of an expert. Here at Shine Lawyers, we have a number of Accredited Specialists specialising in Personal Injury Law. Accredited Specialists are legal professionals that have been recognised by the local law society or institute as proven experts in their area of specialisation.

Being an Accredited Specialist is a significant achievement, requiring experience, commitment and responsibility. In order to be recognised as an Accredited Specialist a lawyer must have a minimum of five years full-time practice experience and a minimum of three years’ experience in their area of specialisation.

Accredited Specialists are leaders in their field who must maintain an outstanding level of professional development in their area of specialisation. They must pass a rigorous examination process, developed by legal experts which demonstrates their high level of knowledge and skills.

Shine’s commitment to exceptional service is demonstrated by the team of accredited specialists we have on board.

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