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Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich is a proud ambassador for Shine Lawyers and has been working with us to right wrong since 2007. She is renowned for her courageous work as an environmental crusader, advocate for the people and champion of truth.

The film “Erin Brockovich” turned an unknown legal researcher into a 20th century icon by showcasing her unwavering determination to stand up for what she believes in and relentlessly pursue those who have a been wronged. It is the same values that Erin shares with Shine Lawyers that has inspired her to join forces with our team and ensure Australians get the justice they deserve.

Over the years Erin has helped us with our quest to right wrong on a number of matters. Some of these include:

"I picked Shine Lawyers to partner with because they get it. Shine care about people; they have families of their own. They respect the law and protect those that have been hurt. They’re like a kindred spirit with an appreciation for the water, the land, the people and the country."

To find out more about Erin Brockovich, check out the #AskErin section below.


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Erin's top tips infographic

Take a look at Erin's easy tips for reducing your impact on the environment.


Erin is based in California, USA and is an ambassador for the firm, championing causes that would not always be heard. She does not work day to day on cases for Shine Lawyers but prefers to leave this to those with experience and expertise in Australian and State laws.

We’ve been standing up for the rights of everyday Australians for over 40 years. All our lawyers are hardworking, straight talking people who always stand up for the little guy. Much like Erin, what drives us is the opportunity to make our clients’ lives better and right wrong.

No, and I don’t want to be! I admire and respect lawyers. I mean you hate ‘em until you need ‘em then you love them! I don’t want to have to behave in Court; I’m too restless. I like getting out and seeing and touching people. Lawyers need to be focussed and driven on their argument: they’re controlled. I’d be kicked out of court or disbarred – I let my passions rule. It’s just not my personality, I need to be me.

Yes! I’m human like anyone else and the other side will try to wear you down. This didn’t just happen once – it happened over and over and over during the Hinkley case. When you feel tired and wanna give up I remember what my Dad said: take a rest, have a good cry or tantrum, but tomorrow get up and get at it again. Computers crash when they get overloaded – people are the same, so step back and reboot.

Define the solution of how we dispose of our hazardous waste. We can’t keep dumping our waste and chemicals in our water and on our land and thinking it will go away. We need to find another way other than this planet to dispose of our hazardous waste.

YES, the movie was true and probably 98% accurate. I never thought it would continue to be so relevant over the course of the last 18 years, but it is, even now, and perhaps even more relevant today. If you aren’t wondering what is happening in the environment from seeing stories across the world, then you’re not paying attention. In the 21st Century we have to evolve and change our perspective or we’re in trouble.

YES. After moving to California, on a fluke, I entered the Miss Pacific Coast beauty pageant and won. I’m glad I did it – it was fun! With age comes more wisdom though and I’ve started to wonder why we chase so hard for our outward beauty. When I entered I was insecure and uncertain inside and I thought it would make me feel better. It turned out to be degrading. Everything is truly about how you feel on the inside. I’m glad I did it, but it’s not my cup of tea. The most beautiful people I know have never been in a beauty pageant, because they are beautiful on the inside. We need to move away from that ‘how you look is what makes you’ attitude.

I don’t know what spare time is! When I get a chance, I rest a lot, I think a lot. I like to be outdoors, in the environment. I just like to be with my grandkids, my dogs, and with my friends. I love to take pictures of sunsets and sunrises. I love history and being a part of the moment. I like to travel. I like to shop, I meander around and think “oh that’s pretty” and smell a new perfume or try a new lipstick.

EVERYTHING! Let’s start with the people. You’re laid back, good work ethic and have a wicked/demented sense of humour which I love. You have the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree, Sydney Harbour, koalas – I love koalas! Magnificent scenery – like the Great Ocean Road drive. Even the crocodiles: you have an ecosystem that is incredibly unique.

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