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Brain injuries from infection

Our brain, spinal cord and surrounding structures can become infected on account of a medical condition or following spinal surgery resulting in an infection of the brain.

If the brain becomes infected, this can lead to serious neurological conditions with long-term and devastating consequences, such as loss of memory, concentration and attention, emotional problems and impulsiveness, abnormal speech or language, secondary neurological conditions such as epilepsy, or a limited function of arms or legs. Individuals with a severe brain injury can be left in long-term unresponsive or comatose state.

Early diagnosis and treatment is critical to obtaining a good outcome and if concerned emergency care should be sought.

Common instances of brain infection as a result of medical negligence arise from a failure to diagnose and treat bacterial, fungal or viral infections, or failure to provide appropriate aftercare following brain or spinal surgery.

Once a brain infection has occurred long term rehabilitation is often required and individuals are left emotionally, physically and financially devastated. Families shoulder the burden of immediate costs such as treatments, accommodation and transport, as well as the costs of long-term care, support and maintenance.

Bringing a legal claim for compensation can provide families with the financial support they need to manage the short and long-term effects of medical negligence. By easing the financial burden, individuals and loved ones can focus on building meaningful and fulfilling lives.

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Common questions about Brain injuries from infection

If a loved one has suffered a brain injury as a result of an infection, they may be eligible for medical negligence compensation. For a successful claim, it is necessary to demonstrate:
  • There was a doctor/patient relationship at the time of the injury
  • The doctor and/or healthcare provider was negligent in their treatment, and
  • This negligence resulted in the brain injury.
A doctor/patient relationship automatically exists between a patient and their medical team. This can include nurses, specialists, support staff and healthcare providers. Shine Lawyers will review your medical records with independent medical experts to determine whether you have a claim for medical negligence, and how compensation should be awarded.
If you believe that infection caused by medical negligence contributed to your or your loved one’s brain injury, contact Shine Lawyers for an obligation-free consultation. Our team of medical lawyers are leading experts in medical negligence claims. We’ll listen to your situation, clearly explain your options, and provide you with the advice and support you need to make the right decision for you and your family.
Where you are located isn't necessarily a barrier when it comes to obtaining the services of a medical negligence lawyer. We're experts when it comes to medical negligence related claims and we can help you get the compensation you deserve. It doesn't matter if you are located close or far away from a Shine Lawyers office - we will always provide the same, expert advice and manage your claim with the same level of quality and commitment. Our compensation experts are in the following locations: Victoria   New South Wales   Queensland   Western Australia
Shine Lawyers are expert medical negligence lawyers that can help you get the compensation you need. Click on the link below for more information about how Shine Lawyers can help you.

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Shine Lawyers also have accredited specialists in personal injury law across the nation: QLD
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