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Water is one of our most precious commodities and will continue to be a concern for landholders for years to come.

With new Water Plans and Water Resources Plans, a severe drought and growing demands from a range sectors, there is a huge amount of pressure on our water resources. With coal seam gas mining placing an additional drain on our aquifers, it is a difficult and rapidly developing situation.

In the changing field of water regulation there is much happening. As a landholder, it’s important to understand your position as far as possible ahead of time. Shine Lawyers can help you navigate the situation and pursue outcomes that work for you.

Water buybacks

Some landholders are still working through the formalities of the most recent Commonwealth water buyback tender process and it remains to be seen whether the Queensland Government will seek to reduce water license nominal entitlements for some.

Our experienced lawyers can help you navigate water buyback arrangements to get outcomes that will work for you.

CSG impacts on water bores and Make Good Agreements

Recent official reporting indicates that dewatering of the coal seams by Coal Seam Gas (CSG) mining is likely to have a more extensive impact on bore water levels in some areas than was previously modelled. Gas impacts in bores is also an increasingly occurring problem associated with CSG activity in some areas. Gas bubbles can cause pump cavitation and surging gas can make a bore unsafe to pump.

If your bore is likely to be impacted by CSG activity, you may be entitled to a ‘Make Good’ agreement. Our experienced CSG lawyers can help you navigate the issues and negotiate ‘Make Good’ outcomes that will work for you.

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