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Surat Basin Landholder Compensation

If you’ve been contacted by Arrow Energy about its Coal Seam Gas (CSG) resource development in the Surat Basin area, and are unsure what your rights are as a landholder, Shine Lawyers’ expert legal team can help.

Arrow Energy is conducting the first stage of their 10 billion dollar CSG gas project in Queensland. You can find out more about the Surat Basin Arrow Energy project here.

Although Arrow has not released much information about the pace at which the project will proceed, and what impacts it will have on the surrounding areas, it is important for property owners to consider how their property, livelihood and family will be affected.

If your property lies within the proposed development area, you may have been contacted by Arrow Energy with a notice of intention to negotiate a Conduct and Compensation Agreement (CCA) for a gas field or well on your land. If not, it may be just a matter of time before you are contacted.

As a Surat Basin landholder, it is imperative that you fully understand your rights prior to entering into any negotiations, in order to make the right decision for you and your future.

It is strongly advised that you avoid entering into any agreement, either through a contract, verbally or via handshake, before accessing legal advice, as this is one of the most important agreements you will ever enter into.

Why is it so important to get legal advice as a landholder?

  • CSG contracts have a significant impact on land values.
  • These contracts are marked on your property deed permanently.
  • There is no standard Conduct and Compensation Agreement (CCA) which means that you have to negotiate your rights yourself or with a lawyer on your behalf.
  • To fully understand what you might expect when dealing with a CSG company
  • To protect your family from unfair Alternative Arrangement Agreements (AAA) that stipulate the way particular nuisances will be dealt with throughout the contract, eg. What time and frequency they allow loud and regular noises and light pollution.
  • CSG companies may offer incentives or compensation in hopes that you will sign your agreement quickly.
  • To set yourself up with the best possible outcome.

How much does it cost to engage a Landholder Lawyer?

It is your legal right to have all reasonable and necessary costs reimbursed by the CSG Company when negotiating a CCA - this includes legal fees. Whilst this doesn’t always ensure that all costs are recovered, it is very rare not to secure all costs. Your legal costs will be based on how much work is necessary to prepare your agreement and any further advice that is required relating to future CSG activity on your property. This is something that we will discuss in our first meeting with you.

Your right to CSG legal advice and our promise to you

Coal Seam Gas mining and exploration can have long-lasting impacts on your property and livelihood. Our expert Landholder Law team, led by Peter Shannon, have fought for the rights of landholders since these projects began, and have supported over 1000 landowners and occupiers in their land negotiations.

Unlike most law firms, we are Coal Seam Gas experts who have a history of advocating for rural communities and landholders since the establishment of the CSG industry. We strive to make laws fairer for landholders through government lobbying and creating awareness via the media.

If you decide to take back control during what is an exceptionally challenging time, Shine Lawyers will take the time to fully explain your rights and the legal process. Unsure about whether you would like to proceed? We can offer you an obligation-free consultation without cost or commitment to answer any questions you may have as a Surat Basin landholder.

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