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Family Law

Whether you are thinking about separation or have already started on your new pathway, your future financial and emotional wellbeing and that of your family, rely upon getting the right legal support.

This information is written for people living in Queensland, New South Wales or Victoria. To find out more about family law in Western Australia, click here.

Best Wilson Buckley - Experts in family & divorce law

Best Wilson Buckley are a specialist family law practice within the Shine Group who have the largest team of expert family lawyers.

Best Wilson Buckley’s team of family lawyers and accredited specialists will negotiate the complex family law system, and deliver outcomes that protect your financial wellbeing and the future of your children.

Regardless of your location, Best Wilson Buckley have the capacity to provide tailored, sensitive advice for all your family law needs, including:

  • Separation and divorce
  • Parenting matters
  • Financial & property settlements and
  • Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)

Best Wilson Buckley’s practice is built on a set of values to provide you with safety and security, a sense of purpose and the tools to forge your new life path.

For more information on Best Wilson Buckley’s family and divorce law service, or to enquire online, visit the Best Wilson Buckley website below:

Go to BWB Family Law

Common Questions

Seeking legal advice for your particular situation can be a daunting, but often a necessary experience to safeguard your rights.

By seeking advice from a family law expert, you can gain an understanding about your rights, entitlements and obligations in relation to your family and property matters.

The Family Law Act allows couples to enter into financial agreements to finalise their property settlement.

This allows couples to opt out of the Court’s jurisdiction to deal with property and spousal maintenance and often allows more flexibility in the terms of the agreement.

All parties must get independent legal advice before entering into these agreements.

Parties who have separated can formalise an agreement by filing it with the Court. The agreement will then be made as a consent order.

This is usually a cost-effective way of resolving a matter. It also means that parties do not need to retain a solicitor if they don’t wish to. However, we would encourage all parties to obtain independent legal advice before entering into an agreement.