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Family Law - Victoria and New South Wales

The breakdown of a relationship or marriage is one of the most challenging experiences a family can face. Whether making arrangements for children, or dividing assets, engaging an experienced family law specialist is essential to ensuring your full rights and entitlements are protected throughout this process.

This information is written for people living in Victoria and New South Wales. If you are in Queensland please click here for information on family law. To find out more about family law in Western Australia, click here.

Family Law services

With compassion and commitment, our expert family law team possesses experience negotiating the complexities of the legal system, and work toward outcomes that are in the best interests of clients and their families. We recognise the importance of ensuring that all claims are run in a highly respectful and empathetic manner.

Our family law services include:

  • Splitting shared assets in a separation – from property settlements to finances
  • Making the best arrangements for your children
  • Peace of mind pre-marriage – arranging a prenup or binding financial agreement

Why do I need a lawyer?

Family separations are highly taxing - emotionally draining, and a strain on all parties concerned. This, teamed with the prospect of navigating the complex and at times confusing Australian family law system can induce incredible stress.

Working with a family law specialist will equip you with the knowledge of your full rights and entitlements, and help to bring about a swift resolution so you can commence moving on with a new chapter in your life.

Your dedicated family solicitor will negotiate on your behalf for the best outcome when it comes to the division of assets and financial settlement, and arrangements for your children. They will listen to you and provide the most appropriate solutions for your individual situation.

Our expert family law team works to prevent future claims against your assets, and avoid unnecessary tax risks, by ensuring that any agreements made are final and binding.

What does the legal process look like?

The first step of the process is to engage a legal expert who has the appropriate experience in family law matters. Should you decide to proceed with Shine Lawyers, we will take the time to fully explain the legal process related to your situation so that you understand your rights, and are able to regain some control through what can be an exceptionally challenging time.

All of the evidence required will be taken into account so that we can assess the options that are available to you, and provide guidance tailored to your family’s specific situation.

What will my legal costs be?

From day one your family solicitor will provide an outline of all the work that we will likely need to do at each stage of your case with a reasonable estimate of time, legal costs and out of pocket expenses.

From divorce applications to out of court settlement negotiations, preparing property settlement agreements to parenting court proceedings, our extensive experience means that we are able to provide fair and reasonable cost assessments for all types of family law work from the outset.

If you are determined to keep your legal costs to a minimum, it is important to remember that the amount you pay will directly relate to how constructive both sides are in seeking to achieve a resolution. Our focus is to achieve a final negotiated settlement for you as quickly as possible.

We believe all Australians should have access to expert legal representation for family law matters, that's why we have partnered with RateSetter to offer a flexible, low cost legal loan if you need help to fund your matter (subject to approvals and conditions).

Please note, “No Win, No Fee” is not legally allowed for family law cases in Australia, therefore your fees will be charged at an hourly rate on a “pay as you go” basis.

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