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Oakey Contamination Investigation

Groundwater contamination is a very serious issue that can affect the environment and cause widespread harm to a community and its people. Shine Lawyers is investigating potential environmental claims and legal action on behalf of those affected by the water contamination in Oakey that has now spread into the local environment - including plants and animals.

As part of this, Shine Lawyers have conditional funding for a class action on behalf of residential and commercial property owners in the area, see the Oakey Class Action for more info.

Oakey locals affected by high levels of PFCs

Chemicals used in firefighting activities at the nearby Army Aviation Centre have leached into groundwater and contaminated the local area. The residue left by this foam contains compounds known as PFCs, and are particularly difficult to breakdown naturally.

Residents have been found to have 44 times the levels of the national average in their bodies. The government has warned those in the area not to drink or bathe in the contaminated water.

There is a list of possible health affects associated with these compounds, but no certain link - according to the Australian government. However, it is not just the direct health effects that are a concern, with the contamination also causing stress and impacting on livelihoods and local property.

Environmental claims lawyers

If you or your family have been affected by the Oakey environmental contamination, please contact the Shine Lawyers team. If this includes negative impacts on your property or business, then you may be eligible for the proposed class action. To find out more or to register, please visit the IMF Bentham website.

Shine Lawyers have a team of specialists in environmental claims that can help work out if you may have a claim. We operate on a No Win No Fee basis and provide obligation free advice.

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