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Bonus Disputes

Bonus arrangements can be a highly valuable component of the remuneration package for senior managers, directors and executives. Often there are short term incentives to reward past performance and longer term arrangements where awards are deferred to incentivise retention and loyalty.

New starters may have negotiated ‘golden handshake’ type bonuses, typically as compensation for the future bonus left behind at the old job, where payment is guaranteed if you remain in employment at the payment date. Discretionary bonus arrangements are often more complex.

When you have not been paid a bonus which you have been working hard to achieve, we can help. It is important to understand that just because a bonus is described as “discretionary”, that does not mean that you have no rights. Shine Lawyers will be able to review your bonus scheme and circumstances with you to help you recover what you are legally owed, hopefully by negotiation, but if necessary, through litigation.

Equal opportunities and discrimination laws can also have a role to play in bonus matters. There is often a lack of transparency around bonus payments. We will investigate patterns of pay discrimination, and challenge poor record keeping, to maximise your potential for recovery.

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