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Executive Employment Lawyers

Shine Lawyers have considerable experience in the problems that executives, directors and senior managers commonly face, and understand how to navigate these to your advantage:

We recognise that your key priorities are likely to be protecting your career and reputation. Our focus is therefore on assessing your potential leverage by looking at your situation as a whole. Our specialist executive employment laywers not only take into account your legal position (including rights under your contract and workplace relations laws), but also the key issues for your employer, to help get the best resolution for you.

Our expert executive employment lawyers are familiar with the complexities of cross-border issues for international executives, and keep an eye to the future, to identify how any proposed resolution may affect your plans further down the line.

Dismissal and disciplinary investigation can be distressing and unexpected. When it comes to disputes over bonus and restraints of trade, you need to be sure of your position, and comfortable that you are on solid ground.

In times of crisis, it helps to have the voice of experience guide you through the reputational and regulatory challenges, as well as the financials. Often, timing and communication is key to a successful resolution and a smooth exit.

Our experienced executive employment lawyers also advise in non-contentious situations, such as new contracts when starting a senior role. Gently steering the negotiations with a deft touch can be crucial to getting a delicate new relationship off to a good start.

Who is the Employment Law Team?

Shine Lawyers' Employment Law team includes some of the firm’s most experienced special counsel, solicitors and support staff, including law clerks and paralegals.

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