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Macquarie Private Wealth Compensation Program


The Macquarie Private Wealth Compensation Program is a program of review and remediation for customers who received financial advice from Macquarie Private Wealth (Macquarie) since 1 March 2004.

The program aims to allow Macquarie customers to obtain a review of their circumstances and the financial advice they were given, to receive offers of compensation where appropriate, and to obtain independent legal advice in relation to those offers at no cost to them. The program will be fully transparent to customers and funded by Macquarie.

Our offer to you

  • Obligation-free consultation to assess your case confidentially

  • Claim assessment process where we will explain all of the options available to you

  • We can come to you - if you can't make it into the office we're more than happy to come to you

  • No Win No Fee arrangement

Common questions about Macquarie Private Wealth Compensation Program

If you received advice from Macquarie on or after 1 March 2004, Macquarie will send you a letter notifying you of your entitlement to a review. If you do not receive a letter, you may contact Macquarie at any time to raise your concerns.
If you received financial advice on or after 1 March 2004 from Macquarie, we strongly encourage you seek a review under the program. It is completely free of charge.

The purpose of the program is to provide peace of mind to anyone who wants their advice reviewed.
Qualification is a simple hurdle - If you received advice from Macquarie on or after 1 March 2004, you will qualify to have your advice reviewed. You do not have to suspect that your advice was inappropriate in order to qualify.
No – there is no cost to you at all. The assessment process is provided free of charge by Macquarie, and Shine Lawyers will act as an independent legal adviser for you free of charge as well.
Shine has extensive experience in assisting clients who have received inappropriate financial advice. The way the program works is that Macquarie will assess the advice you received, and Shine Lawyers can then review that assessment for you to ensure that Macquarie is giving you a fair and reasonable outcome.

If Macquarie feels that your advice was appropriate, they may offer you no compensation. Shine Lawyers can review this decision for you to make sure that it is correct.

If Macquarie feels that your advice was inappropriate and offers you an amount in compensation for that inappropriate advice, Shine Lawyers can also advise you on whether it is a fair and reasonable amount of compensation for the loss you suffered.
Shine Lawyers’ fees of up to $5,000 plus GST will be paid by Macquarie.

Even though Macquarie is paying Shine, our responsibilities and duties are to act in your interests and your interests only.
Shine Lawyers has been approached by a number of clients of Macquarie to assist them with their particular circumstances and the advice they received.
No – you will need to register directly with Macquarie. Our role is to provide independent advice and to review Macquarie’s assessment of the financial advice you received.

To participate in the program, contact Macquarie on 1800 789 789.
Macquarie will assess whether you qualify for the program, collect your paperwork and ask you to send in any of your documentation. Macquarie will contact you directly should more information be required.

Macquarie will then do an assessment of the advice you were given. Macquarie will decide whether the advice you received was inappropriate or not, and whether you are owed any compensation. Macquarie will also provide you with a copy of the assessment.

Once you have this, you can have Shine Lawyers review the assessment to make sure it is fair and reasonable. This includes if Macquarie says you suffered no loss. Our services will be provided at no cost to you.
If you disagree with the assessment Macquarie has made of your advice, this is where Shine Lawyers can help. We have trained professionals available to completely review the assessment and any offer of compensation Macquarie gives you.

Shine Lawyers will work on your behalf to ensure the assessment is fair and equitable.
Yes. However, we suggest going through the program in the first instance.

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