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Tiff Haisman – Survivor of Abuse

Tiff Haisman is a survivor of abuse and advocate for children’s welfare. It is our privilege to stand behind Tiff as she bravely shares her story to help other survivors of abuse.

This is Tiff's Story. Watch it here:

This video deals with child sexual abuse and may be confronting or disturbing.

From an early age, Tiff was sexually abused by her step-father. When Tiff was two years old, she came to live with her foster mum, Dawn Pincott.

After Tiff’s behaviour started to show signs of abuse, Dawn reported Tiff’s behaviour to the Department of Child Services. Despite these reports, the Department still sent Tiff to spend time with her step-father, eventually arranging for her to resume living with him.

“The first good memory I have … is returning home to my sisters, my Mum and of course my Dad,” says Tiff. “I’ve got justice, I can forgive but I will never forget.”

Now, Tiff is determined to make a difference for other vulnerable children and survivors of abuse.

If you or someone you know is impacted by sexual assault, domestic or family violence, know that you are not alone. To friends and family of survivors, please look out for them. Reach out if you can and you think it will help.

In an emergency, call 000.