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Piper Chieftain air crash off Barwon Heads, Victoria

On Friday, a Piper Chieftain aircraft carrying four passengers was involved in a fatal air crash into the sea off Barwon Heads near Geelong in the state of Victoria at 12.30 pm local time.

The aircraft was carrying the four passengers after departing from Moorabbin airport. At the time of writing, early official reports indicate that three of the passengers have been indicated as being deceased with the fourth passenger presently missing. All of the passengers were in their sixties.

At this stage, police and local authorities are searching the seas surrounding Barwon Heads for the missing fourth passenger.

It has been indicated that the purpose of the flight was as a joy flight to view the Victorian coastal landscape.

Preliminary news reports regarding the air crash are already discussing the possibility of bad weather and poor pilot visibility as a factor causing the air crash. Observers in the local area expressed surprise that the aircraft was flying at a time of showers and low cloud with few if any other aircraft operating in the area at the time.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau and the Coroner have been notified of the air crash, and will likely investigate further into the causes of the air crash.

At this stage, large amounts of wreckage and debris have been recovered from the area of sea near where the aircraft entered the water. This wreckage and debris will be examined by experts from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau to discover the cause of the air crash.

This is the second aviation air disaster in January following from Thursday’s Cessna 208 air crash in Chance Bay on Whitsunday Island in the state of Queensland.

As always, our thoughts are with the passengers and their families.

Our firm will be reviewing coverage and information as it comes to hand, and may issue a further bulletin on this issue.

Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: January 31, 2016.

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