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Shine Lawyers to represent Macquarie customers

Shine Lawyers has confirmed it will act as an independent legal adviser to support the thousands of Macquarie Private Wealth (Macquarie) customers affected by inappropriate financial advice.

Shine Lawyers will work on behalf of Macquarie clients who participate in the Macquarie Private Wealth Compensation Program by providing independent legal advice to ensure the compensation offered to customers is fair and reasonable.

The program will allow customers the chance to obtain a review of the financial advice they received and be compensated for the loss they suffered.

Shine Lawyers solicitor Sasha Ivantsoff said the firm would work to ensure that all customers’ claims are fairly and consistently evaluated and compensated.

“We will work hard to safeguard customers’ legal rights and ensure the program provides fast and equitable outcomes for all customers,” Mr Ivantsoff said.

“We encourage all Macquarie customers who received financial advice after March 2004 to seek a review of the advice they received,” he said.

“On behalf of Macquarie customers, we will work to ensure that the program delivers the outcomes they need to move on with their lives.”

Macquarie customers who received financial advice on or after 1 March 2004 can have their advice reviewed and can register for the Macquarie Private Wealth Compensation Program by calling 1800 789 789.


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Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: November 17, 2014.

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