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Shine Lawyers acts for Josh Cordoba over Cronulla Sharks 2011 Supplement program

Former Cronulla Sharks forward Joshua Cordoba has become the club's next ex-player to start legal action over their 2011 supplement program.

Cordoba came to Shine Lawyers to advance his damages claim, which is similar in many ways to former teammate Isaac Gordon, who started proceedings in July. Issac Gordon came to Shine Lawyers about the 2011 supplement program earlier this year, after emerging from a game in May 2011 with severe bruising down the length of one of his legs.

An independent investigation found players were given peptides CJC-1295 and GHRP-6 in the form of injections, then tablets and creams, while Gordon was also advised to take BB Formula, which is traditionally used on racehorses, in order to help him put on weight.

The supplements program is now the centrepiece of ASADA’s NRL investigation, with players who might have been exposed to banned substances in danger of two-year bans.

Shine Lawyers Solicitor James Chrara believes clinical records could show Cordoba has a case against the club, because he was administered with substances that were allegedly different to those to which he originally consented, none of which were banned.

"It’s an almost identical complaint (as Gordon)," Chrara said.

"Josh was part of the same program. At present there is no evidence of physical (outward) damage, but there may be something inside. That’s what we are continuing to investigate and we have asked Cronulla for records.

"But certain elements of the claim stand regardless of what they show, because it’s our belief there has been a trespass against Josh."


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Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: September 26, 2018.

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